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    • August 01, 2021
    • June 30, 2022
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    Coaching is for aspiring principals enrolled in an Ed Prep Program, as well as New & Early Career Administrators in years 1-4. See flyer for more details. 

    Coaching is provided by veteran principals, who have successfully completed a national model of Coaching training facilitated by
    Connecticut Center for School Change.   Meet the coaches.

    Why Coaching?“Coaching is not about filling the voids and deficits assumed to be part and parcel of a new job.  It is about developing a professional practice of action and reflection, of probing current systems and exploring possibilities.” (S. Stein, NYCLA, July 2015)

    What one coachee says:My coach is a great thought partner, she has offered multiple resources that I can leverage at my school, and she asks really thought-provoking questions that allow me to plan accordingly.”

    What the data say: During this past school year 100% of RI principals who received coaching agreed that coaching was a very positive learning experience for them and their schools, and would definitely recommend coaching to other novice principals.

    Once you complete your registration, you will be matched with a principal coach. The following are the requirements to participate in the program.

    • Complete 25-30 hours of one- to -one coaching (in person and/or virtual).

    • Participate in a community of practice with others in the program.

    After successful completion of these requirements, you will receive a certificate for professional learning hours.

    Cost: $550 paid by principal or school/district.

    For more information please visit our website and read testimonials from participants. 

    You can also email  nletoile@riasp.org or rlittlefield@riasp.org with specific questions. 

    Ready to get started? Register here. 


    Robert Littlefield and Nicole L’Etoile

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    • October 19, 2021
    • 4:30 PM
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    Aspiring Rhode Island Principals' Community of Practice

    October 19th

    4:30pm-6:30pm In Person at RIASP Office

    November 3rd

    4:00pm-5:30pm Virtual

    November 30th

    4:30pm-6:30pm In Person at RIASP Office.

    January 13th

    8:30am-11:30am In Person at RIASP Office

    January 25th

    4:00pm-5:30pm  Virtual

    March 1st

    4:00pm- 5:30pm Virtual

    This network supports an ongoing community of practice for aspiring principals deeply committed to investigating and enacting high impact instructional leadership strategies. Educators interested in growing into a future administrative role will participate in coaching and real-world practice. Participants will apply the leadership skills that matter most, and grapple with the unpredictable challenges leaders encounter every day. They will share challenges and reflect with peers in the program, forging a support network that will last through their careers. 

    The first three sessions will focus on leadership school based scenarios using the School Sims Leadership SimulationsThe first three sessions are facilitated by RI Veteran Principals. Dan Kelley, Buddy Comet, Jay Masterson, Arzinia Gill, Bryan Byerlee, and Leah Bessette. The next three sessions will be facilitated by Isobel Stevenson from the CT Center for School Change.  

    This opportunity is free for members, and there is a small fee for non members. We are able to keep the cost down thanks to our partnership with the Rhode Island Foundation. The sessions are for any educator in a principal prep program, or is considering it down the road.

    When you register below you are registering for all sessions. Please email Nicole Letoile at nletoile@riasp.org with any questions.

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